GB3HV status

GB3HV status

Interactive reception map

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Tue, April 14, 2015 11:07:35
If you receive GB3HV on 3.4 GHz please use the following link to add a report and your location:

Simply go to your location on the map and then click on the "add marker" symbol in the row just below the search bar and then click on the map. Type your callsign / location in the box and add any details you want in the 2nd box.

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User guide updated

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Tue, April 14, 2015 10:43:23
The website has been updated with details of the 3.4 GHz output and pictures added in the gallery.

An updated user guide including the 70cms beam and 23cms aerial selection is available at

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GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Tue, April 14, 2015 10:40:31
On the 9th April 2015 at 2pm we turned on the 3408 MHz transmitter so GB3HV is back on air after 5+ years!

The transmitter uses a DTX1 encoder and modulator fed at 830 MHz in to a modified Airspan board to give 3408 MHz. The output is fed up the co-ax with 28v DC to a DB6NT amplifier at mast head which gives about 13 watts in to a 10 dB slotted wave guide antennae.

The signal is DVB-S 2 Msymbols with an FEC of 2/3 giving a 2.4 Mbit/s useable bit rate.

To receive the signal you will need a C band LNB ( and a FTA digital receiver.

HV has been received by Rod G8DGR on a 2 foot dish at home and G8GTZ has received it on an LNB only at a number of sites.

Thanks to Dave G8ADM for supplying various materials and Tony G1HBD for sorting out the aerials.

We look forward to your reception reports!

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70cms beam working

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Sun, February 22, 2015 13:51:14
Visit on 22nd February fixed the 23cms analogue receiver - seems to have been a duff mains lead?

Also the rotator for 70cms beam and camera is now working - the rotator control is accessible via the web here . There are plans for DTMF control but it doesn't seem to work at the moment :-(

The mast camera is viewable by DTMF "776" on 432.750 MHz or Skype input. NOTE - you will need to deselect the mast camera "777" BEFORE trying to access on 70 or 23cms.

It is a 5 element yagi with an ADM special driven element and should not only give some gain but help null out the interference we have been suffering.

Transmit as normal on 70cms but you will need to check the beam direction before accessing on 70cms as it may not be pointing at you!

The streaming has been slow at HV recently.

This is because we switched over the internet connection at site from the landlord to a wireless wifi company’s connection who has just arrived on the mast and uses our shack / rack.

In return for rack space they offered us a connection with port 80 which we needed for the SDR which we also run from there. However, they put an initial upstream limit on it which has now been removed.

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19th Feb - 70cm beams etc

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Thu, February 19, 2015 09:50:17
3 jobs done on site yesterday by G8GTZ and G1HBD:

Moved the wifi aerial slightly away from our 23cms aerials - still obstructing south plate but less so and will not be a problem once we raise the 23cms plates.

Put up the 3.4 GHz slotted waveguide on top of the 23cms plates - just got to get the Tx commissioned!

70cms turnstile replaced with 5 element beam on rotator - camera also put on same pole. However, the PSU in the controller failed after 10 minutes so beam currently pointing North East meaning some may not be able to access. G8ADM on the other hand can now get in on 2 watts with his tower wound down so when it works it should be good! I will return with new PSU!

However we did not raise the 23cms plates up higher due to pole restrictions - this is something we should do in the summer as they are definitely not high enough and are probably screened.

Post visit note - G8GTZ can access on 23cms DATV perhaps better than previously but others report no 23cms ATV access - must have pulled a lead out in the shack! I will return....

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23cms pre-amp update

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Wed, February 04, 2015 16:41:23
Visit on 4th February to investigate 23cms rx problem showed the South pre-amp is taking off. Probably due to a combination of the cold weather and new mast placed in front of South aerial.

Temporarily disabled it so 23cms is back to normal except for G8LES :-(

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January 2015 update

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Tue, January 06, 2015 11:54:48
Well, we got the 3.4 GHz NoV and work is underway to get the TX system on site.

We now have company on-site in the form of a wifi company who have placed an antenna in front of our south plate making life difficult for Mike G8LES to get in 23cms.

Plan is to raise our aerials above it when we install the 3.4 GHz Tx aerial.

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70cms & card reader

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Wed, October 08, 2014 09:19:41
Visit on 7th October to fix the card reader was unsuccessful - looks like we need a new one.... In the meantime it's colour bars instead of pretty pictures :-)

Had a tweak of the 70cms system and gained 1dB MER on Tutioune - but then the 70cms rx did not work at all well during activity night - was it the Primary User or did I break something?

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