GB3HV status

GB3HV status

19th Feb - 70cm beams etc

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Thu, February 19, 2015 09:50:17
3 jobs done on site yesterday by G8GTZ and G1HBD:

Moved the wifi aerial slightly away from our 23cms aerials - still obstructing south plate but less so and will not be a problem once we raise the 23cms plates.

Put up the 3.4 GHz slotted waveguide on top of the 23cms plates - just got to get the Tx commissioned!

70cms turnstile replaced with 5 element beam on rotator - camera also put on same pole. However, the PSU in the controller failed after 10 minutes so beam currently pointing North East meaning some may not be able to access. G8ADM on the other hand can now get in on 2 watts with his tower wound down so when it works it should be good! I will return with new PSU!

However we did not raise the 23cms plates up higher due to pole restrictions - this is something we should do in the summer as they are definitely not high enough and are probably screened.

Post visit note - G8GTZ can access on 23cms DATV perhaps better than previously but others report no 23cms ATV access - must have pulled a lead out in the shack! I will return....

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