GB3HV status

GB3HV status

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GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Wed, August 24, 2016 08:35:21
Notes from site visit on hottest day of the air (23rd August 2016):

1 - 70cms filter and pre-amp moved to top of mast gave 2-3 dB increase in sensitivity.

2 - Fitted replacement rotator and cable. Whilst this one does go round (the old one had stopped) the direction indicator, which worked fine for 2 weeks at home, is now short to earth! I can move the rotator via an admin webpage but cannot make that publicly available, as going to the end stops will short out the 5volt railsmiley The rotator is currently back in the original position but if you need it turning, let me know.

Tests with G8ADM at 56Km with the new rx system and the beam pointing at him, showed he could access HV with less than 100 milliwatts so plans are already in place to buy a completely new unit.

3 - Skype video fixed by replacing the 5v PSU on the VGA to PAL converter.

4 - Balanced up the audio channels on the output so you can now hear 144.750!

5 - The 23cms rx aerial system continues to be a bit of a mystery and despite no work being carried out, the south aerial (well the one invoked by *57#) seems to be taking off and holding the squelch open.

Everything else works well but it's very annoying to monitor - if you can access via DTMF, try using *51# to select the west aerial which quietens it down for 30 minutes .

6 - Martin, G8JNJ, was with me and did a lot of work on the co-sited web SDR He made great improvements on the 50 MHz receiver - and its always useful to monitor the SDR to see how strong you are on .750 and 432.750.

We will return soon with the new rotator....

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