GB3HV status

GB3HV status

437MHz RB-TV

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Thu, October 27, 2016 19:00:26
Visit today saw the 437 MHz 333Ks RB-TV input configured such that it is now automatically selected.

Transmit on 437MHz RB-TV and initially it will display a caption saying 437 MHz RB-TV input then after a few seconds (the Rpi decode time) the incoming video will be displayed.

Replaced the card reader power supply so we now have pictures back in beacon mode again.

**** I've just realised the DTMF codes in both the video selection and aerial selection captions are WRONG - see previous blog for aerial codes or refer to the user guide for correct codes ****

Also tried to resolve the mystery 23cms input signal on the north aerials by moving the 70cms yagi but it no effect so we still have the problem occasionally.

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