GB3HV status

GB3HV status

437 RB-TV input and rotator update

GB3HV statusPosted by Noel - G8GTZ Sun, August 28, 2016 09:20:31
Visit on 27th August:

Rotator update (again)

A brand new rotator has now been fitted and is accessable at - a 6 ele yagi for 70cms 437 MHz and the mast camera are mounted on the mast.

The camera can be selected by DTMF 776 on the 432.750 control channel or via Skype - see user guide for full instructions:

RB-TV input

The PC was also upgraded enabling us to run Minituner which has been set to receive 437 MHz 333Ks (this can be changed remotely by request). This works in parallel to the normal 70cms DATV receiver and is connected to the 6 ele yagi. The Tutuione monitor can be seen at the bottom of the rotator control page and on the VivaDATV page at

The UDP output from Minituner is streamed to a RPi which currently feeds composite video in to the logic input selected by 775. There is about a 5 second delay on the video and when no signal is received a caption is displayed. DX stations who can see their signal on the TT monitor will either need to use Skype (you need to be pre-authorised) or put up a message in the chat window requesting a local user selects DTMF 775.

Work is ongoing on the RPI software to automatically detect when a signal is present and when this is done, the RB-TV input will be automatically selected - just like the 70 and 23cms inputs.

23cms antennaes

The 23cms flat panel system was physically inspected and confirmed the following DTMF selection codes:

Note - these were wrong in the original post on 27th Aug (joys of cut and paste) but have been updated on 29th Aug and are NOW correct:

*50# Cancels all selected aerials
*51# Selects West aerial

*52# Cancels West aerial

*53# Selects South aerial

*54# Cancels South aerial

*55# Selects East aerial

*56# Cancels East aerial

*57# Selects North aerial

*58# Cancels North aerial

For example, the best selection for these stations is as follows:

G8DGR = NNW = *51# PLUS *57#
G8GTZ = WNW = *53#
G8CKN = SW = *53#

Power reset!

Having done all this and installed the air con unit, the site suffered a major power cut last night and the PC did not restart!

This meant an early morning trip on Sunday to site just to restart it (normally the UPS would hold it on but the power cut lasted 6 hours....)

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